January 30, 2021
What is Parkinson’s disease (PD)?
July 3, 2021

Epilepsy, an often-misunderstood condition. Living with epilepsy can be difficult, but is definitely manageable with the first aid, right medications and more awareness about the condition.

Myth 1: If you have had a seizure, you have epilepsy.

Fact: A person is diagnosed with epilepsy when he or she has two or more unprovoked (sudden) seizures that occur more than 24 hours apart. But if the seizure is the result of something such as binge drinking, sleep deprivation or a new medication, these are not related to epilepsy.

Myth 2: If someone has a seizure, you should force something into the mouth.

Fact: If a person is having a seizure, never put anything into the person’s mouth. This could actually be more harmful and injure them. Roll the person on one side, keep him or her a safe distance from any nearby objects, and let the seizure run its course.

Myth 3: During a seizure, epileptic patients sometimes swallow their own tongue.

Fact: A person having seizures may end up biting his/her tongue but is simply impossible to swallow the tongue and choke.

Myth 4: There is no cure for epilepsy.

Fact: With advances in medicine, today there are medications available to manage epilepsy. Consult your doctor so that you can live a normal and a more productive life.

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