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About Neuroke

Neuroke is a neuro primary health care provider’s organization where you get treatments for all of your neurology related problems. Some diseases we deal with are like Headache, Migraine, Stroke, Paralysis, Seizures, Vision loss, Neuromuscular weakness, Numbness of limbs, Tremors, Parkinson's disease, Chronic Memory loss, Dementia, Back pain, Neck pain, sudden Arm and Leg pain, Facial deviation, difficulty in walking, sudden short term memory loss treatment, Speech difficulty and others as well.
Additionally, It is a neurology specialist hospital with world-class best facilities and primary neuro care provider in Tricity . The infrastructure and staff cater to all your needs. Moreover, Neuroke has no comparison with regards to satisfaction and treatment of neurological illness. Neuroke has an incorporated clinical program which follows a multi-profile and multi-modular way neuro doctor dealing with a disorder. We at Neuroke investigates better approaches and treats the underlying mechanisms of neuroscience. Neurology related disorders treatments are always better if you consult a neurologist at the earliest.
Neuroke executes most innovative methodology using the experience of different staff and nurses including lady doctors. Coupled with most advanced techniques for treating neurological conditions and related issues. Neuroke will surely help get rid of neurological diseases with the help of best treatment of neurology related problems in the best possible way by primary neuro care doctors. Here we also conduct Nerve conduction Studies and tests like EEG OR Home EEG. Need to find a neuro doctor in days of crises, emergency neurologists services are present 24 hours in the clinic with the well-equipped staff of lady doctors as well.
Should you have any query? Consult top consultant neurologists Dr. Gourav Jain- MD, DM Neurology (PGI Chandigarh) at 24 hour neuro clinic - Neuroke. Mail us at gouravpgi@gmail.com , we are just a few steps away from you.

About Neuro Doctor

Dr. Gourav Jain MD, DM Neurology (PGI Chandigarh)


Dr Gourav Jain is working as Consultant Neurologist in Neuroke Hospital. He is also a lifetime member of Indian Academy of Neurology. Currently, he is providing his services to the people of Tricity and around (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and Zirakpur)

Work Experience

  • He has a vast experience in the field of neurosciences. With 18+ years of experience he has been doing and training the staff under him with his apt skills.
  • He also organises various free Neurology camps and health talks across Punjab, Haryana and in PAN India for the welfare of the economically weaker section of the society.

Education & Training

  • MD, DM- Neurology (PGI Chandigarh)
  • He has expertise in treating all types of neurological problems with vast work experience and training in one of the prestigious institute of India i.e PGI Chandigarh.

Areas of expertise includes

He is exceptionally expertise for treating patients of stroke/loss of motion and seizures. He has accomplished his research work at patients of seizures and as an individual from the stroke group in PGI Chandigarh.


Our motto is to provide dedicated, empathetic, specialized and quality-wise treatment with care to all people. Although, the Focus is to treat patient problems with personal care and uplifts its health to the finest of well being. Nowadays we need to educate society about preventive immediate treatment of neurological related problems. Therefore, it is our duty to make patients comfortable and happy. Hence, we provide the best services related to the treatment of Neurological illnesses. We have advanced technology solutions and new equipped diagnosis treatments methods in order to cure a person of his ill health. Believing in our self has made us conclude that for your health and personal growth we recommend Neuroke. We go behind the cause of illness to cure you of the roots so that illness never comes back again. Please view our Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition of Use of Website HERE and read more about different common neurological illness treatment or symptoms. Need to find a neuro doctor please call @9814848021 to make an appointment now.

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