26 Ways To Know More About CoronaVirus COVID-19 From A to Z

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Let’s Learn A-Z about COVID19


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease brought about by a newfound coronavirus.
Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and
recover without SPECIAL treatment.

  • A : Avoid Crowd
  • B : Beware of fake news
  • C : Clean your hands
  • D : Do not go out
  • E : Empty the street
  • F : Feed the pets
  • G : Gathering is bad
  • H : Hand sanitizing
  • I : Inside the home
  • J : Join fight against COVID19
  • K : Kind to the needy
  • L : Learn a new skill
  • M : Mediate daily
  • N : No handshake
  • O : Offer help to others
  • P : Practice your passion
  • Q : Quarantine yourself
  • R : Regular exercising
  • S : Social distancing
  • T : Travelling is danger
  • U : Use masks against COVID19
  • V : Visit your doctor online
  • W : Weaponize immunity
  • X : X-tra care for elders
  • Y : Your awareness is prevention
  • Z : Zero face touching

Let us see what WHO holds for Cornavirus In India.
Current WHO recommendations emphasize the importance of rational and appropriate use of all
PPE(Personal Protective Equipment), not only masks, which required from health care workers,
But doing particularly in procedures and hand hygiene practices are mandatory. WHO also
recommends staff training and educating through applications and the internet to people who are
not known to COVID-19.
Finally, WHO continues to tell us the importance of frequent hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette,
and environmental cleaning and disinfection, as well as the importance of maintaining physical
distances and avoidance of close, unprotected contact with people with fever or respiratory

Source :World Health Organization

Hospital isolation of all confirmed cases, tracing and home quarantine of the contacts is ongoing
as updated by the government of India via Setu App.Setu Arogya App

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